Terms and Conditions of trade

Cars Net Auctions enables you to select any vehicle from dealers and auctions all across Japan. Moreover, through our partner network across the globe, Cars Net Auctions is able to provide with any vehicle the customer demands from all four corners of the world. Cars Net Auctions enables its customers to negotiate on each unit they see in our inventory. Even if the vehicle is not part of CNA Japan's inventory, a formal request can be made for the specific vehicle and Cars Net Auctions will provide it.

Inquiries, negotiations and prices

Cars Net Auctions quotes the FOB and CnF prices of vehicles for it's customers to work out their budgets. All vehicles in our inventory are negotiable and customers will be given the best price for that vehicle. Prices are based on the daily inter-currency exchange rates. Upon inquiry, Cars Net Auctions will provide the exchange rate for the day and prices will be calculated accordingly. If a formal order is not made, Cars Net Auctions has the authority to change the price depending on that day's inter-currency exchange rate.

Live Vehicle Auctions

For any customer to bid in live auctions, an advanced deposit must be made prior to bidding (see "Payments and deposits" section)

Cars Net Auctions allows the customer to bid any vehicle from all Japanese auctions scattered around the country (See "list of Japanese auto auctions"). Cars Net Auctions will provide all logistics and documentation enabling the customer to get the vehicle at their door-step. A fee of US$ 500 will be charged for the logistical and documentation support.

All bills of services will be sent to the customer which may include, auction, transportation, inspection, insurance and shipping. The customer is responsible for the payment of these bills upon which all original documents will be released to the cusotmer.

The cancellation charge of a vehicle is 25% of the CIF value depending on the vehicle, if the vehicle is not already shipped. (Other charges will also be applicable if the vehicle is already reserved for shipping).
However if the vehicle is already shipped by the time the customer cancels the order, the customer will have to pay additional charges (penalty charges, vanning charges, documentation charge, freight charge and other amendment charges) as well as the cancellation charges mentioned above.

Payments and deposits

  • In case of vehicles in stock, the ordering customer is required to pay the full amount in two installments. The installments will be 50% before shipment and the rest after the customer have recieved the copies of the shipping documents
  • In case of vehicles in auction, there will be 3 installments. The customer will deposit 30% of the total CnF value of the vehicle. Upon successful bidding, the customer will deposit another 30% upon recieving the documents of vehicle cancellation. The remaining 40% will be transferred after the customer recieves the copy of the bill of landing.
  • The customer will be contacted if there is not reflection of the payment in Cars Net Auction's bank accounts. In any case if the customer fails to deposit the full payment, Cars Net Auctions is authorized to sell the said unit to any other ordering customer if payments negotiations fail at any point.
  • Cars Net Auctions is not responsible for any payments or deposits made by the customer that are not directed towards Cars Net Auctions Japan Ltd.
  • All payments must be done via telegraphic transfer. All bank charges must be paid by the remitter. (Please refer to "Bank details" section for more details)
  • All documents required for the clearance of the vehicles will be sent or e-mailed after the payment reflection is confirmed. No document will be provided if the payments fail to reflect in Cars Net Auctions bank accounts for any reason

Shipping and custom regulations

Please be advised that we only sell used cars unless if it is advertised or requested as brand new. The used cars are usually has marginal defects, and the customer should realize that Claims will not be paid due to the vehicle not being in brand new condition. Cars Net Auctions guarantees that the vehicles are described on our website as accurately as possible. However CNA Japan does recognize that vehicles pass through many different hands in transit to our customers; ports in Japan, stevedores loading and unloading ships, ships crew, ports at destination, storage and transporters etc. and we do not guarantee that vehicles will arrive in the same condition when inspected.

We encourage our customers to make the payments as soon as possible as it allows Cars Net Auctions to promptly ship the vehicles for that customer. It must be noted that vehicles get storage charges if they are kept on port of a long duration. Alll vehicles proceed to shipment as soon as the payment from the customer is reflected in our account.

Cars Net Auctions Japan Ltd will not take any responsibility regarding any odometer wind-up issues that may occur after arrival to your country. The only guarantee we can provide regarding the mileage is the information we receive from the auction data, and if there were any mismatches between the actual mileage and the data provided by the auction we do not take any responsibility for that. If you want a certificate of guarantee you can contact ATL directly for the odometer check service and they will provide you with a certificate of guarantee for the mileage.

Marine Insurance will only be provided on the request of the customer, tires, brakes, clutches, CV joints, batteries, electrical, and audio accessories are not guaranteed unless specifically stipulated. If Insurance is provided the Claimable Value should be evaluated for damages valuing to JPY 30,000 or more.

If the customer is unable to settle the balance payment with in one week after the unit has arrived in the designated port, the unit will be re-exported after notification to the consignee. Advanced money will not be returned to the consignee.

Refund of Payments

All vehicles are available on first come first serve basis. If a payment reflects late and the vehicle is sold to another customer, Cars Net Auctions Japan will be not responsible for 100% refund of payments. We will try our best to get the customer the vehicle with the same specifications. Cars Net Auctions cannot refund the money to any account other than the one from where the money was sent to us. These measures are taken to abide by the Japanese Banking Law and customer's own benefit.

Bank details

All payments made in the name of Cars Net Auctions should be remitted to the following bank account(s). Please make sure that the amount is being transfered to the bank accounts mentioned below. The beneficiary should be Cars Net Auctions Co. Ltd. only.

Bank Name: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Account title: Cars Net Auctions Corporation Ltd.
Branch: Hoshigaoka Branch
USD account number: 7005721
(Please use this account when making payment in US Dollar.)
JPY account number: 1124424
(Please use this account when making payment in Japanese Yen.)
Swift code: BOTKJPJT

*Cars Net Auctions will not bear responsibility if the payment is made to any other account apart from these listed above.