Spare parts & vehicle engines

Used parts From February 2013, Cars net auctions has embarked on a new project. Cars net auctions will be providing it's customers with the opportunity to buy spare parts directly from Japan. It will be an on demand service, customers can request any type of part or engine. Cars net auctions can provide any type of parts or engine in Japan. At Cars Net Auctions' spare parts facility, we have all the tools that are required to carefully seperate parts from any car. Every part is carefully processed and dispatched to it's destination. Our customers are welcome to visit us and collect their vehicles for parts, Cars net auctions will provide full support to its customers.

Container binding and vanning services

Container binding Cars Net Auctions has now obtained a facility where all containers of 20 feet or 40 feet can be packed for our overseas customers. Spare parts, engines and even fully assembled vehicles can be shipped packed within containers. It is very beneficial for customers and Cars net auctions will encourage its customers to get vehicles shipped in conatiners. It saves a very great deal on freight.

Cars Net Auctions' professional team packs the container so that there is no damage at all. Our experienced professional have all the tips and tricks in the book to provide our customers wil the maximum value for their purchases. Following is to give our customers an idea of how vehicles are packed in containers.