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Shipping Information

Japan has most advanced shipping and logistic facilities for handling the motor cargos.

Depending on the type of vessels, there are 2 methods of loading motor cargo.

  • roll-on, roll-off (RORO)
  • 20ft or 40ft Container Cargo

RORO vessels (car carriers) are in tight supply as auto manufacturing is increasingly globalized throughout the past decade. The frequency of shipment for RORO type of cargo is lesser compared to other normal carrying vessels using 20ft or 40ft container cargo. Also not every port is covered by RORO vessels so for many countries the only choice left is Container loading.

Container loading shipment involves great effort and diligence and also requires know-how and experience. We have extensive stuffing experience of many years and you can be sure that your motor vehicles will be shipped securely, cost-effectively and in safe environment.

We have also acquired the most cost-competitive rates due to our bulk shipments on regular basis. Below is an idea of container load shipment. Usually we manage to stuff multiple vehicles on to a 40ft Container depending on the sizes/dimensions of the vehicles.

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